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Keeping the Faith in all things big and small.

I have had a great weekend off to hang out with the family on this Labor day holiday and can’t think of any other way that I would have wanted to spend it.

We had a great day at the pool and made great mixed drinks while enjoying smoked chicken and brisket. I was enjoying the fact that my one and a half-year-old is now wanting to spend time with us doing everything we do. We sat down tonight and watched a great movie that was of the spiritual sense and I could not believe how much I did not understand how we are to forgive and forget and let the big man upstairs take care of everything. When I was watching this movie “the shack” I was in tears as well as my wife. We were both in awe at how the story played out and what was expected of the father who had lost his little girl in such a tragic way. The story was a beautiful tale of a father that hated everyone and everything after the death of his little angel. I as a father could not even begin to understand what that must have been like to have to bury your baby after a monster was given the chance to take her away. It was so dishearting to see the pain that man went through. I couldn’t even begin to imagine that feeling. We all understood though that you must not judge, even a monster that could commit such a horrific crime. That is not our job to do nor would you want that power to decide. I was enlightened to the fact that I would handle the situation the exact same way I suppose. It would be terribly hard to say I forgive you as the man in the movie was asked to do by God. It does make complete and total sense that If we must love and forgive our fellow man to please our Lord then that is what we shall do. Even when faced with adversity and doubt, you must keep a level head. Sure, easier said than done. But, It is a requirement to let God do his job. We will never understand everything and or try to. It is not our place to do so. The crazy part is, I have seen myself the good things that our Lord and Savior has done in my life and many others. The hard thing in life is true blessings that must be cherished. For the reason that they make us stronger and better people. It is a great empowerment to be able to love unconditionally and understand when people make mistakes and have been lead down the wrong path that will ultimately lead us to our destiny and callings in life. The way that we look at certain situations in hindsight may just be a way to understand that we are all flawed and considered a beautiful mess in the scheme of the big picture. Just remember that we are created equal and all have flaws. But, We are all able to forgive and understand one another to help each other grow and become a better you and I. Thank you for reading this and God Bless.


Whats up guys and girls in the business world.


I am Carl Conduit, I am extremely happy to share with you the travels around the world I have made and make them a memory for you with vivid depth and clarity. I am also pleased to share that I will be helping others understand what a traveling CEO is and how you too can take advantage of the amazing benefits and become independent from the desk and walls you are in for a majority of your life. Stay tuned with me and follow along as we travel and work in harmony while living the life of your dreams.